Tricia+Taylor // Engaged // Charleston

I always tell my couples that I want to know all the details; I want to be involved in their wedding planning process as much as they'll let me and Tricia and Taylor have fully let me in. I always tell my couples, that there is absolutely a direct connection between how much I'm let into their lives and the quality of my work. And I think the ease, joy and spirit of these photos shows how much these two have welcomed me into this season of their life and their story.

Gosh, I can't wait for their wedding in February at Boone Hall.

Kiley+Brian // Married // Charleston

Brian tried more than once to have Kiley fall for him; he showed up with flowers, had THE conversation...and yet Kiley just wasn't there.

Fast forward to being on the same missions team in Nicaragua and Brian having pulled Kiley's name from a hat as his prayer partner for the time building up to the trip. Kiley told me "By the time Brian knelt before me, I knew I already loved him. Our time in Nicaragua had opened my heart and washed away fears I had harbored for over a year." So one deployment (for 6 months!) and many months later, here we are. Here I am at my computer, drinking wine, re-living some of my favorite portraits and a day that again, was such an honor to document and be present for.

Gosh, I just don't even know what to say about this day. I've gotten to know Kiley over the last year or so and...I just want to cry (happy tears) after this day. I truly believe every wedding day is special but this just seemed so long in the making, so God-driven, accumulation of so much prayer and believing in God's grace and favor. That's it: this wedding was God's favor raining down over Kiley and Brian. I can only hope that everyone there on May 20, 2016 remembers that favor for time to come.

As always.

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