Blair+Jordin // Married // Charleston

I rarely get to work with couples who live in the same city where we're shooting, so building a relationship before the wedding is so important to me. I remember sitting on my living room floor, FaceTime-ing with Blair and Jordin, three hours behind in California, and trying to keep my cool on the outside while on the inside I was just hoping that they'd want to work with me as much as I wanted to work with them.

Fast forward months later and both families made me feel so welcome and invited and appreciated. 

These two love their people deeply and fiercely and the only sad thing about their entire day is that they live so far away in California that we can't be best friends on the reg.

Go ahead, take a look at these stunners and take in all the feels that are unavoidable.

...and then start to re-plan your wedding because you'll want it to look exactly like this.

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