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Kaitlin+Allan // Engaged // Charleston

I've had this blog post drafted for a few days now but simply didn't know what to write. Kaitlin and Allan have been through a lot. A lot. They're both such strong souls (and literally strong too-Kaitlin whooped my ass leading my spin class this week) and are one of those couples that deserve the world. A year and a half ago, Allan was on a hospital bed, not expected to wake up. Fast forward a little over a year later and Kaitlin had said the biggest YES of her life, to Allan, alive and well, down on one knee.

I'll share the rest of their story alongside their Kiawah wedding this April, but for now, here are Kaitlin and Allen in their newly-engaged, free-donut, sticky Summer-evening glory.

PS-location #2: the rooftop of the hospital that Allan was in for so many weeks.

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