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Rachel+Ryan // Married // Charlottesville, Virginia

The Sunday that Rachel and Ryan got married seemed to be fighting against all the variables. My bag got lost somewhere in the air, Ryan was sick and the wind so strong, it knocked out the power in the small town of Cruzet, Virginia. And yet, none that meant anything. King Family Vineyards blew everyone's expectations and the only ones to exceed them even more were Rachel and Ryan themselves. The ceremony being moved indoors didn't phase them and they surely weren't afraid of the 30 degree rain or wind that had to be pushed through.

Thanks for trusting me, y'all. It really, really means a lot.

Carey+Chad // Married // Charleston

A right-swipe on Tinder, 10+ bars to find the UVA vs. Miami game and two years later, they're here: Middleton Place and Magnolia Gardens, surrounded by a small group of their closest family and friends...And Chad fulfilling what everyone claimed he'd do: cry when seeing Carey and cry during toasts.

"I have found the one whom my soul loves" -Song of Solomon 3:4

As always

Bri+Kyle // Married // Charleston

My relationship with Bri and Kyle was spread out over drinks at The Gin Joint and The Rarebit and nothing bad can happen if you get to know one another at over Moscow Mules. These guys broke the rules for their wedding in every perfect and beautiful way possible. Food trucks for dinner, live painting, the most beautiful (and very lightweight, you'll get what I mean in the photos below) macrame ceremony backdrop and only dancing with their people in the most freeing way.

Take note all you engaged couples: be you and don't apologize for anything else along the way.

Introducing Bri+Kyle, y'all.

Jenna+Mitch // Married // Charleston

When I met Jenna and Mitch at the Yoj Events, I left feeling giddy, hoping they'd pick me. It's like a weird triple blind date where a friend (Yoj) sets you up on a date, thinking you might like each other. Thankfully the connection was mutual and I got to work with these two over the following months, getting excited about a day that was flawless.

Yoj, thanks for making Pepper Plantation look magical and thank you Jenna and Mitch for letting me tell your story.

Ashley+Victor // Elopement // Charleston

I always find myself on both ends of how weddings can unfold; I love the couples who care about every single detail, putting so much thought into each element of the day. And yet, I also love the duo who let vendors do "them," knowing that the only goal is to marry their best friend. I love a wedding day timeline that is so loose and flexible giving me freedom at my fingertips; and yet, I resonate with a down-to-the-minute timeline that puts my Type-A mind at ease. I dance along with big, loud, vivacious weddings and yet I'm so honored when I'm chosen to document small, easy elopements.

Ashley and Victor were the latter. Ashley, Victor, eloping with only the officiant and myself by their sides.

We worked together on every detail of the day-they trusted me fully on timing the light of the rising sun, the locations downtown and even talking through details of Victor's attire and Ashley's flower crown.

Here's to you two, Ashley and Victor: May the two of you daily find this same joy that you found on a chilly March morning as the sun rose at your back.

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