Francie+Ben // Engaged // Charleston

I met Francie in a tenth grade English class. I don't remember exactly how it happened but from there, we simply did everything together. We were each other's people. I would keep a toothbrush in my car knowing that almost every Friday night, I'd end up staying at her house, borrowing pajamas, falling asleep way too early while watching movies.

We went our separate ways for college-her in the upstate and me, in Charleston. But that didn't change anything; I went camping with her friends up at Clemson, she came and visited all the many houses I lived in downtown Charleston and we saw each other on every holiday break. Last year, we spent an afternoon dying laughing when I rollerbladed into a parked car and got stitches. We met up with a random (stranger danger!) couple in Colorado who drove us into the middle of (potential Murdertown) nowhere to go see wild horses. We've pulled off on the side of Big Sur to go exploring and climb down giant rocks. And for almost every summer for the past six years, we've taken road trips across the United States creating some of the weirdest and wildest adventures and stories. Those kind of things happen when I'm with Francie.

I remember the exact moment when she called me and told me that she and Ben had had "a conversation."

So Ben was officially in the picture. And I loved him! Everybody loved him.

And now years later, underneath giant Oaks and overlooking the marsh, I get to stand by both of them while they get married, they commit themselves to the good and the bad, being each others' person as God has called them to.

And to top things off? Francie booked a kickass photographer-Megan of MorningWild Photography, to capture the entire day. When friends book photographers that I would book myself…that's good stuff.


My favorite spot, around the corner from my house.

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