Katie+Scott // Married // Charleston

I met Katie not too long ago and yet feel so, so close and understood by her. After only meeting a handful of times in person, we traveled to Togo together to do work with Francis+Benedict this past November. As we spent two 22-hour flights and seven days being together 24/7 in a foreign and developing country, I knew we'd be (and stay) good friends. And anyone that you can be with for that long without going crazy almost immediately becomes one of your people.

So of course, I insisted on photographing Katie and her husband, Scott. They've been married almost 16 years, having met in third grade and reconnected over email in early adulthood. A few months later, after not having seen each other in years, they were engaged.

16 years, 4 kids, so many moves, numerous houses and a pair of killer overalls later...we're here.

I love you guys.

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