Laura+Greg // Married // Charleston

I first met Laura and Greg over coffee while they were in Charleston planning their wedding. We sat and drank coffee and tea for 2 hours; I didn't say anything for the first hour and half, simply listening to them tell me every detail of their story. Anyone who knows me that knows that I love telling stories and I love all the details so I immediately knew these two were my kind of people. At one point, I asked Greg when he knew he wanted to marry Laura and as he answered-confindently and simply-Laura started crying.

Despite the fact that they'd been long distance (Greg is very much of a galavanter, originally from England) for almost all of their relationship, it was easy. I could tell that being together was easy and real.

So months later, there we were: out at Magnolia Plantation to get married in front of an intimate group of family and friends.


I've seen some pretty good groom's gifts over the years but I think Laura takes the cake. Over their time dating, Laura and Greg started writing stories to one another-it was their story, in the form of a children's book. Much to Greg's surprise, Laura illustrated the story and had it published and gifted it to Greg the night before the wedding.

As always.

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