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After spending a good amount of time with the girls from the Wild and Free Collective and going through a miniature Making Things Happen workshop at the Pursuit 31 Conference, I've recently begun to think a lot about what I want my photography, my business and my voice to stand for. It's often hard to let the things we know we don't stand for overtake what we know we do stand for. And I want those things that I do stand for to be the face of my business and my photography.

So I'm taking the steps to make that happen-to stop letting in the things I don't stand for and opening the floodgates to what I do stand for

What I'm not standing for:

Isolated couples//Lengthy shot lists//Not-caring-about-photography-couples//Apathetic grooms//Inflexible schedulers//Shyness in front of the camera//Cheese-ing in front of the camera//Price talker-downers//Traditions without meaning//Staring at the camera awkwardly

What I am standing for:

Fun-little-detail-lovers//Involved community//Marriage fans//Couples that push through trials//Head-over-heels lovers//Adventurers//Long-winded storytellers//Social media utilizers//Putting purpose into a wedding//Photography valuers//People in it for the long haul//Emotion-feelers//Stereotype and norm breakers

Now don't get me wrong-I don't want my couples and their weddings to be cookie-cutter, perfectly publishable, with thousands of dollars of details. That's not it.

Overall: I'm for couples who care. Couples who love deeply, through triumph and trial. Couples who are excited to break the wedding norm to do what is THEM. Couples who aren't afraid to break down their walls for me in front of my camera and tell me their story with a vulnerable spirit.

So let's make that happen. If you think you fit what I just described, I want to photograph you and give you the edited, digital hi-resolution files for free. If you're willing to break down your walls in front of my camera, tell me your story and be vulnerable, I want you. You must be engaged or married and the session must take place in the greater Charleston area in the month of December/January according to my availability. If I've photographed you before-you still apply.

To be considered, please email me ( with a photo of you and your love, a bit about your hobbies/passions, where you would be interested in shooting at and your story; I want to hear how love has won and why you think I'd love to photograph you. Finally, please comment below so I know to expect your email (boo for important emails going to spam!). I'll be accepting couples through November 10 and will contact the winner soon after.

I can't wait!

DENVER+Charleston-based International Wedding Photographer
I would love to document your wedding near or far.

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