Meredith+Ben // Married // Beaufort

I've said it before but I'll say it again: being able to photograph the weddings of friends is such an honor.

I met Ben when he first moved to Charleston from Birmingham over a year ago. He immediately taught me so much about restoring the dignity of the poor and powerless as well as community and relationships. I met Meredith for the first time when we went swimming in the marsh with some friends. I immediately liked her and she won me over when I found out she was a counselor.

And their wedding day...I was blown away. I knew Meredith had been working hard to make everything come together in a short 3 months but the amount of detail put into the day was so, so incredible.

I haven't felt as welcomed, exhausted and giddy at a wedding in a long time as I felt on Meredith and Ben's wedding day. It was a day that was so, so good!


Meredith gave Ben one of the best gifts I've seen at a wedding: all of her journals from the past 10 years saying she's fully his.

Amazing artist, Teil Duncan painted their wedding ceremony from afar.

After the ceremony, Meredith, Ben, the maid of honor, Ram and 3 giant balloons smooshed into my car and went a little offroading to get to this amazing spot.

Ben is a woodworker and made this sign-in table as a thank you to the family friends who hosted their wedding. Woah.

Every Friday since they began dating, Meredith and Ben opened a bottle of champagne believing there is always something in life worth celebrating. These are the corks from all those bottles. Can I adopt that tradition, please?

Ben made the bride+groom table for him and Meredith. It was where they ate dinner first as husband and wife and is in their dining room of their new home.

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