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Happy Friday everyone! This week may have been the busiest week since I finished finals. All good and enjoyable things but still a ton! Thankfully, tomorrow I'll be spending majority of the day editing and not doing anything too crazy.

What I am super excited about though is an upcoming styled shoot I've been working on. A few months ago, I joined a team of people driven toward revealing and ending human trafficking not only on a global level but also in our own city. For the past six months or so, the issue of human trafficking has been a constant motif in my life and a repeated topic of conversation among my community of social-justice minded friends. Finally getting the publicity it deserves through various outlets, I was ecstatic when I found out that a great non-profit fighting the issue of human trafficking, The A21 Campaign, was planting a location right here in Charleston! (PS-if you've explored my website, you'll notice that The A21 Campaign is the organization behind my Cause page). Before I knew it, I was meeting up with the head of The A21 Campaign's new Charleston location. After she said that the Lord told her she needed to meet me, (I had emailed her a few times about wanting to get involved but had never met her) I withdrew my applications from internships and my plans to leave Charleston for the summer were null and void.

Since then, things have been a wonderful whirlwind! A large way for The A21 Campaign to tell the city of Charleston "We're here!"  and to also raise funds for our upcoming projects, our team has been planning a huge gala for the end of June. I'm going to share more details later but let's just say that this event is going to be incredible. I've been doing a lot of the artistic design for the layout of the event and am ecstatic to see everything come together! To layer the excitement, I'm also shooting a series that will be at the event--It's so difficult for me to not share details! I've had such a great feedback from the community in helping me make this happen from all the girls who are modeling for me, the salon who has donated their hair and makeup services to friends who have opened up their acres upon acres of gorgeous property to shoot on.

I'll leave you with a photo I've been inspired by (Found on Pinterest thankyouverymuch) and a quote from a video I recently rewatched. Katya was rescued from the sex slavery and brought to an A21 Campaign safehouse in Greece. I'm so proud to be working toward this kind of freedom.

"It's all changed. I feel like I have two wings on my back. I am free. And I love it."

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