Molly+Kevin // Married // Charleston

If I'm honest, it seemed that all of 2014 was leading up to this wedding.

I grew up with Molly and her family as her younger sister and I have been best friends since we were five. The entire neighborhood seemed to be buzzing with excitement when we found out that Kevin popped the question. As I saw Molly, her mom and Kevin's mom begin to plan details and get excited over what was to come, I was right alongside them with giddiness. So come December 13, everything seemed to come together perfectly. Wedding party and family members slowly trickled into Lowndes Grove, one of my favorite plantations in Charleston, and also in my neighborhood, as I live only a few streets away. It was a chilly but sunny day with an overcast sky with the plantation looking over the marsh. Molly was so calm, sipping orange juice while getting her makeup done and Kevin excitedly got dressed in his dress blues (and let's face it, it seems to add about 10 handsome points to any guy) after hanging out with the guys in the morning.

Molly let her mom, her dad and Kevin's mom all have their own moments to see her for the first time once she was dressed (everyone cried) and Kevin even faced away from the aisle and didn't turn until he could see Molly right in front of him. There was so much love for these two!

The ceremony turned to celebration as hors d'oeuvres were passed, I saw so many longtime friends and neighbors, a cigar bar was opened and nobody.stopped.dancing.

I genuinely (really!) haven't had this much fun at a wedding in ages! I flew in my super talented/amazing/so fun photographer-friend, Caroline Logan to be my second shooter and having her by my side let me not only enjoy bits of the day (knowing she had my back with her crazy, amazing skills) but also, I had so much fun "working" (it never feels like work) with such a good friend and fellow Caroline.

And to top everything off, Southern Weddings kindly featured Molly and Kevin's day recently!

So here we are. Molly and Kevin have been married for almost 2 months (?!) and I'm still completely in love with their images and everything that I was able to witness. Gosh.

Introducing, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Fitzsimmons.


My view:

Caroline's view:

After some dancing, Molly and Kevin were totally onboard to grab some last minute sunset photos. I love it when couples are willing to step away for an additional 10 minutes to grab some photos at golden hour. It's completely worth it, every.single.time.

Toward the end of the night, Molly and Kevin stepped to the side to take it all in. To take in all the people that came to celebrate them, to take in the beginning of it all.

So glad Caroline was nearby to capture this.

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