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Who said I couldn't blog about my summer months later?! And anyway-this trip was so good that it's daily on my mind and felt like yesterday!

Francie, Carley and I are masters roadtrippers. A few years ago, a conversation that I can so clearly remember my freshman year of school, sparked the idea to drive to the Grand Canyon. And months later-it happened!

Trip #1 we drove from Charleston to the Grand Canyon and up to Utah before hightailing it back to Tennessee and then home

Trip #2 we drove from Charleston into Canada to see Niagara Falls

So for trip #3, we knew had to go big. Our friend Elie joined this trip and off we flew to Seattle, picked up a rental car and drove the entire west coast, then flying out of San Diego.

...and it was amazing.

As I've told my friends about this trip, I began to realize that all of our circumstances were extravagant; every city we stopped in, every home we stayed in and every restaurant we ate in-it was above and beyond what we had imagined. From staying in beach houses on the Puget Sound to being handed over the keys to a stranger's apartment in San Diego, our expectations were blown out of the water for where we thought we'd be staying, who we'd meet and what we'd see.

If you're an adventurer, love meeting new people, seeing new places...get in your car and go. It is 110% worth it.

All Photos taken with my Fuji x100 and edited with VSCOFilm or iPhone 4s and edited with VSCOcam

We started in Seattle, hosted by the lovely Matti, who none of us had met before but a friend in Charleston connected us with. Worth it. She's the best.

Pike's Place

These giant bouquets of flowers were only $5! I would have fresh flowers everyday if that were here in Charleston

The awesome but disgusted face

The space needle looked like a UFO between the trees like this

Selfie fail

Once again, welcomed with open arms by family friends with wine, oysters and a fire to an adorable beach house on Hood Canal. It was unanimous that Leech Family were our favorite hosts

Crystal Mountain with this gorgeous, clear view of Mt. Ranier

House #2 of the Leech Family overlooking the Puget Sound

A quick trip through Portland for VooDoo Donuts

Galavanting in the woods with these beasts of trees!

Grapes straight off the vine are not good. Clearly

My cousin Amanda and her husband Frank surprised us with this outdoor bed-PERFECTION!

I got to meet up with my friend Malerie that I hadn't seen since being with her in NYC a year earlier. She is the definition of a breath of fresh air

Blakery+Indian food in San Francisco

A quick stop for breakfast in Monterey

I told everyone that I would probably want to pull over on the side of the road for some spontaneous photos. We pulled off on the side of the road inbetween Monterey and Big Sur and discovered this glory-by far my favorite part of the entire trip. We wandered off the side of the road, just exploring and following a tiny little path that led us to the water covered in fog. Probably some of my favorite photos I've ever taken.

I have this photo below blown up on a canvas above my desk. I feel like it epitomizes adventure

Francie the brave down first

The next two photos were taken from the car. Not too shabby

A post in a Facebook group turned into meeting up with some Showiteers in Santa Barbara and wine with this view. Photographers-if you aren't using ShowIt, you're missing out on a huge, loving, encouraging, community

We were on the west coast. Just had to

Elie is studying architecture and really wanted to see the Salk Institute in La Jolla. I don't know much about architecture but I definitely see why she wanted to come!

Sometimes you just have to take a rickshaw 300 feet to your car

Peekin on peacocks at the San Diego Zoo!

Post red-eye back to Charleston!

I can't express how much this roadtrip was the epitome of adventure. We either stayed with acquaintances or strangers the entire trip and I wouldn't have had it any other way. This crew is the best group to roadtrip with-from driving 15 hours in one day, to reading the Divergent series out loud (we always pick a book to read out loud for each trip), to me complaining about exercising, to exploring an entire coast... they are the best. Gosh, I love them.

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