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Brittany+Griffin // Married // Charleston

I'm gonna need you to raise your glass,

I don't care what you put in it.

Here's to nights that you can't take back,

We live hard but we love to laugh.

And no matter where we go,

We always find our way back home.

As always

Liz+Justin // Married // Charleston

I couldn't have loved October 5 any more.

Bhldn gown,feather bow tie, chauffeuring Liz and Justin around downtown Charleston, Justin (truly) being speechless at Liz's beauty and wandering around finding the best of Charleston's walls and corners to take photos.

I'm so proud of these images and so excited of this incredible marriage to come.


As always


Lacy+Matt // Married // Charleston

Photographing your friends' wedding is always a mix of wanting to shoot non-stop-feeling so honored to capture their day-and also wanting to hang out with friends and dance the night away in sticky, sweaty summer nights.

So I did both.

Love you guys, Lacy and Matt


As always

Ashley+Jason // Married // Charleston

Perfectly laid out and thought through details, bunnies, dogs and a cat with bows, stunning florals by Branch Design Studio, a perfectly executed ballroom waltz and partying the night away on the marsh.
Can it get any better than this?

As always


Madeline and Jeff came out to Charleston from Denver to get married on what was probably the best day of May. Despite the vastness of the Ocean Course out on Kiawah Island, the entire day felt so intimate and still.

There were so many moments where I almost held my breath because I felt like I would ruin the moment if I breathed too loud or if I moved too quickly; I didn't want to disturb any of the calm and peace.

Even while going back through these photos, I'm reminded of me of so many passages in the book of Psalms where the psalmist writes "selah"…to stop and listen. To stop and be still.

Such a day filled with equal moments of selah and celebration.


Madeline ordered this amazing gown online, never having tried it on before. There was only one size left: her size. And the name of the gown: the Madeline.

Gosh, you just can't beat that window light!

Such a beautiful bride.

As always (…with the new rollerblading chin scar)

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