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Cait+Mike // Married // Charleston

From the beginning, Cait and Mike were all in. Right when we got together for drinks before their engagement session and then parted ways three hours later, I was in love with these guys. Spanning their invitations to the working on their timeline together, I felt so valued and trusted the entire process. As a photographer, that's one of the biggest compliments. It's another way of a couple saying "We see you as an artist and we trust you to document our day beautifully and truthfully."

And now we're here. A month to the day after their wedding and I'm wanting to do it all over again.

Thankful and honored, I introduce you to the new Mr. and Mrs. McDonnell.

*Blurry selfie on my phone because the camera wouldn't autofocus!

Brittany+Griffin // Married // Charleston

I'm gonna need you to raise your glass,

I don't care what you put in it.

Here's to nights that you can't take back,

We live hard but we love to laugh.

And no matter where we go,

We always find our way back home.

As always

Catherine+Mike // Married // Charlotte, North Carolina

Catherine and Mike are good people.

They love each other and their own people well and their wedding made that so evident; while they were getting ready before their ceremony, during photo time when their entire wedding party put up with crazy me changing the location 100 times over, while rain was down pouring outside, during their toasts and amidst the sweaty, hot, crazy dancing that went late into the all was abundantly joyful in celebration of these two.

The celebration was so fluid throughout the day and into the night gave truth to the generous, joyful, kind and loving people that Catherine and Mike are. And we know how rare those people are.

Their ceremony in the city followed by their modern (seriously, so beautiful) reception at the Foundation for the Carolinas was brought together by Anne and her girls at Favor Me Events. Big cheers and props to them, you guys rocked it!

Introducing: The Allen's


As always

Lacy+Matt // Married // Charleston

Photographing your friends' wedding is always a mix of wanting to shoot non-stop-feeling so honored to capture their day-and also wanting to hang out with friends and dance the night away in sticky, sweaty summer nights.

So I did both.

Love you guys, Lacy and Matt


As always


Every detail thoughtfully considered, friends and family from near and far, and a reception on the water in Stuart, Florida...the perfect way to kick off my 2014 wedding season.

Introducing: Tracie and Rutledge.


As always.

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