Welles+Jeremy // Married //Asheville

As creatives, creating can be exhausting. It's our job to create, to make something out of nothing all. the. time.

But sometimes we need a break.

Okay, often, we need a break.

We, as creatives, as artists, as photographers, need the opportunity to create for ourselves. Not for a client, not for a blog or for the industry but purely for the sake of creating. And these times are so, so essential that later on, when we're ready, we can produce the best work we can for our clients.

So when I was up in Asheville for a wedding recently, I was connected with Welles and Jeremy who were trustworthy enough to meet up with a stranger to take some photos.

We hiked up Max Patch together, in the strong wind and I got to hear stories about marriage, kids, moves in career and homes, stopping here and there to take portraits.

And the portraits the three of us made...I love them. So. Much.

Photographing someone for the sake of photographing was needed. And worth it.

These are some of my favorite photos I've ever made.

Welles and Jeremy, thank you for reigniting that spark within me.

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