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Kick the dust off your back and don’t look back

Give all the doubters you know a fake heart attack

Cause you were made for this, you can feel it inside bones

You were made for this and it’s time you let the world know

Who you are, what you know, it’s happening, right now so

Run, Run, it’s a new day Run, Run, it’s time to embrace

Breathe, breathe, in and out and love, love, let it all out

-The Rival

You can impact people. You can change people. You were meant to do this.

Conversations of these truths don't happen often. They happen on back porches with your best friends on summer nights and they sometimes happen on transfer flights with that stranger you didn't expect to be talking to. But for some reason, the truth that we can actually change the world doesn't seem to be the currency of conversation.

The opportunities to get together with people similar to you-those who want leave a legacy, to change the way things have been, end injustice…those are rare.

And one is finally happening.

The Yellow Conference is a gathering for creative women who desire to ignite passion and bring goodness to the world through everyday living.

It's for you writers, movers, artists, designers, shakers, passionate world changers that want to use their creativity to change the world.

This goodness is taking place in El Segundo, (Los Angeles!) California this August 28-29.

I'm so excited to say that I'll be speaking at this amazing conference! I'm so excited to talk a bit about how I've been able to see people differently through wedding photography, traveling and serving.

I'll be speaking alongside some incredible non-profit founders, TED talk speakers, designers and creatives (we're talking Sevenly, Darling Magazine and those who have started businesses from the ground up-see the entire speaker lineup here).

The best part? You'll be there with over 100 other women who are just like you. Get ready to walk away feeling inspired, rejuvenated and with so many new contacts in your phone, the ideas will start churning right away!


+ Admittance to the 2-day conference filled with 10 world-changing speakers

+ Coffee, light breakfast and refreshments throughout both days.

+ Dinner, drinks and restaurant admittance at the Thursday night after party.

+ Goodie bags filled with awesomeness

+ A network of over 150 creative Yellow attendees.

+ Photo Booth and other fun interactive activities throughout both days

+ An inspired spirit and a wealth of knowledge on how to live our your dreams and make the world a better place!


So let's make it happen!

Help me give away one ticket!

I will be giving away 1 ticket to the conference, here's how to enter:

1. Follow Yellow on  Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

2. Leave a comment here telling me why you would like to attend Yellow

One winner will be picked at random from qualifying comments the morning of June 18.

Entries must be in before 9:00am EST on June 18 

I can't wait to see you there!




Update! The giveaway is closed and the winner is: Hannah Eloge!

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