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Tricia+Taylor // Married // Charleston

What can I say about this day, these two?

I always tell couples that the more they let me into their lives, into their story, I'm able to do a better job of telling their story. Tricia and Taylor were no exception to this request. There were so many significant, emotional and legacy-creating moments this day that I can't not stories alongside their pictures.

-Tricia's brother, Jay, passed away a few months before the wedding and although his presence was so missed, he was clearly present during the day. The morning of the wedding, Jay's fiancé gave Tricia a bracelet with some of his ashes inside that no doubt, will be an heirloom. Sprinkled all throughout the day are bluejay feathers, in his honor.

-Both of their rings, and a beautiful gift box that Taylor gifted his bride, were engraved with Olive Juice. Say it slow.

-Building up to the wedding, Tricia and Taylor worked on a painting together that's now hanging in their home, but that also was used as the envelope liner in their invitation (and as a backdrop for when I shot their details!).

-After being introduced into the reception and having a few dances with their parents, Tricia and Taylor entered into the most EPIC (second) first dance which involved ties getting loosened, drinks being stolen/chugged and a flip (all while Tricia was wearing these badass heels below). I've never seen anything like it!

-Toward the end of the reception, Tricia's cousin took the mic and while choking back tears, said that even though Jay is gone, he wanted Tricia, her sister and her mom to know that there are always guys that will have their back. Over the course of the next song, at least 15 guys stepped forward to take turns dancing with the Barton girls.

-The biggest shoutout to my girl Sara for tag-teaming this wedding with me. We joke that we're the dreamteam to shoot together but then get serious and realize we truly ARE a dream team. Fist bump!

Thank you, you two for letting me have this honor...and for living in Charleston so we can still hang out and drink cheap beer together.

As always.

Julia+Will // Married // Charleston

After Julia and Will's engagement session, the wedding seemed so far away. But as it always does, December came before we knew it and I got to spend the entire day with these two and their crew. A Hayley Paige gown, golden hour overlooking the marsh, a stunning floral arbor and a first look with portraits at our own pace...perfection.

"I thank you God for this most amazing day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes"

-ee cummings

As always

Cait+Mike // Married // Charleston

From the beginning, Cait and Mike were all in. Right when we got together for drinks before their engagement session and then parted ways three hours later, I was in love with these guys. Spanning their invitations to the working on their timeline together, I felt so valued and trusted the entire process. As a photographer, that's one of the biggest compliments. It's another way of a couple saying "We see you as an artist and we trust you to document our day beautifully and truthfully."

And now we're here. A month to the day after their wedding and I'm wanting to do it all over again.

Thankful and honored, I introduce you to the new Mr. and Mrs. McDonnell.

*Blurry selfie on my phone because the camera wouldn't autofocus!

Katie+Michael // Married // Charleston

I have a bizarrely detailed memory and can tell you something unique about every single wedding I've shot over the years. Jessica and Chase's wedding in 2012-to this day-was one of the weddings that I have so, so many memories from; I had been shooting for a while but I had begun to branch off on my own, into Caroline Ro and they trusted me with such ease and joy. My sweet friend and former bride, Erin recommended me to them and I can still remember meeting them downtown before they booked me to talk through details. The sad part about their day was that Jessica's dad was sick. Really sick. The wedding had been pushed up to make sure he could walk her down the aisle. Even now, I still have specific memories of taking specific photos, clear as day, where I stood, where I placed my bag down, all of it.

Fast forward to last year, Jessica's sister Katie contacted me, engaged herself and not convinced that I'd remember her. I don't forget my couples and their people.

I instantly loved Michael when I was introduced to him over the phone and Katie went on and on about how much her family loved working with me and Michael, about how big his family was (with ten nieces and nephews) and how fun the weekend was going to be.

Fast forward again to the first day in October; Katie and Michael's wedding was my first of my Fall and Winter season and I had been looking forward to it for ages. The absence of Katie's dad was apparent but that sorrow was matched with joy in the new family that was starting.

At the end of Katie+Michael's portraits, on the dock, with the sun setting in the background, I stopped and told them what an honor it was to be capturing their day. And I meant it. And Katie said the same thing back to me, saying that me being there was their honor, followed by "you met my Dad" and tears. And both mine and Katie's vision started to blur and I hugged both of them for the millionth time that night.

So again: Katie and was such an honor. Thank you for once again reminding me why I do what I do.

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