I’m Caroline and I’m a denver+Charleston based wedding photographer. I have wild hair, love dinner parties and A small group of my longtime friends call me Ro.


I’m a believer in the power of community and doing life with others-- in letting people in to those imperfect and messy part of our lives. I’m a people person who believes that we weren’t meant to do life alone. I love how relationships mold us into the people we become: every trip, inside joke, late-night conversation and meal shared together. These people are a part of the moments who make us who we are.

I’ve been a wedding photographer for almost eight years, and I’m still completely in love with the honor and delight of this job.

These relationships are why I love weddings. It’s the one opportunity to celebrate the beginning of a new family with those who helped make you into who you are; it’s an opportunity to let these people be a part of these moments that will one day turn into memory. This is what I want to capture: the in-between moments that often go undocumented and are only remembered by stories.

Splitting my time between Colorado and South Carolina means I travel across the country most of the year; no wedding is too close or far.





Above images by the talented Hugh Forte.

DENVER+Charleston-based International Wedding Photographer
I would love to document your wedding near or far.

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