A wedding is an accumulation of so much; there are so many emotions, relationships, planning, and feelings of anticipation.

From beginning to end, the day tells a story of all these things. My goal is to truly document this story. It won’t be the stiff and staged version of the day, but the genuine essence of who you two are. In return, I ask that you be all in: all in about celebration, wedding photography-- and most importantly, your marriage.

I’m a very non-traditional photographer at my roots, a cheerleader for breaking the norm and for wedding plans that show off your quirks and personality. I’m one to marvel over stunning ceremony and reception details, but mostly when they were a labor of love with purpose.

This means that I produce my best work with couples who choose passion over apathy, who let down their walls in front of my camera and aren’t afraid to express whatever they’re feeling. That being said, I’m not the right photographer for everyone, but I’m the perfect fit for others. If you want to capture this type of story, I’d love to get to know you.

Collections begin at $3900

and include an online gallery of your hi-resolution images

Charleston-based International Wedding Photographer
I would love to document your wedding near or far.

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