Katie+Michael // Married // Charleston

I have a bizarrely detailed memory and can tell you something unique about every single wedding I've shot over the years. Jessica and Chase's wedding in 2012-to this day-was one of the weddings that I have so, so many memories from; I had been shooting for a while but I had begun to branch off on my own, into Caroline Ro and they trusted me with such ease and joy. My sweet friend and former bride, Erin recommended me to them and I can still remember meeting them downtown before they booked me to talk through details. The sad part about their day was that Jessica's dad was sick. Really sick. The wedding had been pushed up to make sure he could walk her down the aisle. Even now, I still have specific memories of taking specific photos, clear as day, where I stood, where I placed my bag down, all of it.

Fast forward to last year, Jessica's sister Katie contacted me, engaged herself and not convinced that I'd remember her. I don't forget my couples and their people.

I instantly loved Michael when I was introduced to him over the phone and Katie went on and on about how much her family loved working with me and Michael, about how big his family was (with ten nieces and nephews) and how fun the weekend was going to be.

Fast forward again to the first day in October; Katie and Michael's wedding was my first of my Fall and Winter season and I had been looking forward to it for ages. The absence of Katie's dad was apparent but that sorrow was matched with joy in the new family that was starting.

At the end of Katie+Michael's portraits, on the dock, with the sun setting in the background, I stopped and told them what an honor it was to be capturing their day. And I meant it. And Katie said the same thing back to me, saying that me being there was their honor, followed by "you met my Dad" and tears. And both mine and Katie's vision started to blur and I hugged both of them for the millionth time that night.

So again: Katie and Michael...it was such an honor. Thank you for once again reminding me why I do what I do.

Blair+Jordin // Married // Charleston

I rarely get to work with couples who live in the same city where we're shooting, so building a relationship before the wedding is so important to me. I remember sitting on my living room floor, FaceTime-ing with Blair and Jordin, three hours behind in California, and trying to keep my cool on the outside while on the inside I was just hoping that they'd want to work with me as much as I wanted to work with them.

Fast forward months later and both families made me feel so welcome and invited and appreciated. 

These two love their people deeply and fiercely and the only sad thing about their entire day is that they live so far away in California that we can't be best friends on the reg.

Go ahead, take a look at these stunners and take in all the feels that are unavoidable.

...and then start to re-plan your wedding because you'll want it to look exactly like this.

Cait+Mike // Engaged // Charleston

My wedding planner friend Ali emailed me a while back about working with Cait and Mike and told me how much I'd love them. Building up to meeting in person, we chatted on the phone and emailed back and forth and I started realizing that Ali may be right-I liked these two before even putting faces to the email addresses and voices I heard. So on a hot afternoon, the three of us met for drinks and then wandered through the beautiful oaks of Charlestowne Landing and the streets of downtown Charleston. Cait and Mike, thank you for letting down your walls in front of my camera, playing into my weird antics and being okay with sweating up a storm. October...you can't come soon enough.

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